The Army operates cutting-edge systems under new leadership – United States Army

By Heather J. Hagan, U.S. Army Public AffairsMay 18, 2022
WASHINGTON — Just prior to the start of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Mr. Young Bang, originally from South Korea, was appointed as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics & Technology. In this position he advises senior Army leaders on all matters relating to Army acquisition.
Mr. Bang’s emigration journey started when he was brought to the United States as a five-year-old by his parents, who supported the family through low-wage jobs. He was able to attend college through the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he earned a B.S. in leadership and systems engineering.
After serving eight years as an officer in the Army and Army Reserve, Bang entered the world of high tech, where his career took him through software development, AI and systems development. After helping start and sell several successful companies, he retired and took his new position to give something back to the Army, which had provided him so many opportunities in the past. He is now helping the Army transform itself into a digital fighting force as part of its most ambitious modernization effort in more than 40 years.
“The Army has provided me an education and a career, plus leadership skills that have paid dividends on the commercial side,” said Bang.
In his Army duties, he leads efforts to improve the way the Army develops, procures and updates software, uses data and employs artificial intelligence.
“I bring strength, innovation and contribution from all areas of technology,” said Bang. “I understand the cutting-edge technology. I can help the Army build it and buy it. I want to ensure that realistic testing and Soldier feedback are integrated in the acquisition process.”
Bang leads a team of highly functional and diverse science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals who are helping the Army by integrating next-generation technologies to enhance the ability to compete globally, deter adversaries and win on the high-tech battlefields of the future.
“I want to speed up the acquisition process to ensure that Soldiers get the weapons and systems they need to fight, win and survive now, not later,” said Bang.
As the principal deputy, Bang’s goal is to recruit a better talent pool of individuals that understand new technology and have the experience to operationalize it. He recognizes that the cornerstone of America’s Army is its people, and is working to foster a diverse and professional workforce that enables an agile and innovative acquisition enterprise.


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