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The creator economy is growing, and so are advertising opportunities within it.
Snap’s ad sales saw a dip in Q1 due to a host of factors, including a shift in Apple’s rules around how apps can track users.
TikTok marketing just got more interactive. Here’s how the new features work, and how brands are using them to drive click-thru rates.
TikTok marketing should be a priority for brands as the platform continues to grow. Here’s why it matters and how to do it.
As social commerce continues to gain momentum in the US, Azoya’s Franklin Chu examines how China’s top social platforms have embraced it –- and what lesson retailers can learn.
Choosing which social media platforms are right for your brand is the biggest challenge marketers say they face in social marketing, a recent HubSpot survey found. Find out how to determine which social plaform is right for you.
A successful influencer marketing campaign starts with objectives, strategy — and the right influencers. Here’s how you can find the creators and influencers for your next campaign.
As brands go deeper into social commerce strategies, influencer marketing will become a key component to connecting with followers on social platforms and growing online sales revenue.
Azoya’s Franklin Chu offers retailers social commerce best practices based on successful campaigns from several luxury brands in the Chinese market.
Azoya Group’s Franklin Chu says Facebook Shops combination of social media and e-commerce could make the platform a strong rival of Amazon and Google, and explores how social e-commerce already is a powerful tool in China.
The coronavirus pandemic has caused immense disruption across nearly every industry. Shama Hyder, founder & CEO of Zen Media, spoke with SmartBrief about business resilience and adapting in a world occupied by the pandemic.
SmartBrief outlines the myriad benefits to newsletter advertising, specifically for ad agencies.
GLOW’s Jennifer Fink and Sarah Pine detail six steps for you to take to make the most out of social media at live events and experiences.
Social media marketers should create campaigns that focus on story, dialogue and visuals to attract users’ attentions.
To win at social media you must ask yourself, “What would Judd Apatow do?” Find humor, be yourself, and make sure you capture it on camera.
We are now at the stage where the content we want should come to us — without our having to search for it.
Has social media reached a saturation level – and what will happen in 2019?
Social media is a powerful, fighting force in the world of digital advertising and marketers must stay alert to the coming changes on the horizon and make the necessary adjustments to stay relevant.
With content consumption changing rapidly, marketers must find ways to reduce friction to engage consumers seamlessly.
How associations can fill news gaps and earn consumer trust
How can you integrate social media into your event marketing strategy without spending all your time on it?
Instagram and AI are among the hot topics being discussed at industry events this month.
How marketers can form effective partnerships with social influencers who have large followings.
This article outlines six strategies that effectively grow your social media followers.
As more and more consumer activity moves to social media, it’s clear that social media IDs should be linked to the CRM for a truly complete customer view.
Social intelligence gives the business development team real insights about prospects.
Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to handle your next social media crisis.
Content platforms provide positive and negative attention. Both are opportunities for brands.
Kindness matters, in life and in business. Showing a lack of kindness can land a business or a brand in hot water with consumers and the media.
A study from Mediakix shows that we’re probably spending more time on social media than we think.
As you put together your brand’s 2017 social media plan, it’s easy to feel intimidated by an overwhelming number of choices matched with very limited resources. The trick is to simplify your process.
Chevron’s Olivia Harting discusses how to prepare, what to do during, and how to learn from a crisis using social media.
Journalists are often influencers on social platforms, and their roles fall into five distinct categories that are worth understanding and targeting.
FedEx builds a social media command center to monitor and management content.
Cineplex creates movie buzz through the help of influencers, location-based marketing, hashtags and user-generated content.
The Kroger Company’s Social Media Manager, Jorie Mark, explains how the emergency birth of a baby in one of their stores changed the way they managed their social media engagement and curation strategy.
The use of IFTTT (If This Then That) recipes in the social media world has transformed how many marketers do business, the result of which has led to the brands at the center of these contracts being rather impressed
We were all supposed to become data scientists in 2014. Billed as a year of “data explosion” by ZDNet, brands were expected to make…
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Social media isn’t all word-of-mouth, viral videos and tepid personal insights — it can help spread important info too. The Centers for Disease Control…
If you’re still stumped for a Halloween costume, why not look online for ideas? These 10 social-media inspired costumes may not be too terrifying…
Parties are funny things. If just a few people show up, it’s kind of depressing. The more people the event draws, the more fun…
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