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MIAMI (WSVN) – A social media influencer has been detained by detectives after her boyfriend was found stabbed to death at an upscale condo in Miami.
The young man was found dead, and his girlfriend was covered in blood, which has left police with a lot of questions.
TMZ shared video of the aftermath of the bloody and gruesome domestic killing that occurred inside a trendy Miami high-rise, Sunday evening.
Police were called at around 5 o’clock to the couple’s condo unit at 3131 NE 7th Ave.
Officers arrived to find a man severely injured. Investigators said the 27-year-old, identified as Christian Obumseli, died from his injuries.
The man’s family traveled from Houston, Texas to Miami. His brother, Jeffery Obumseli, said he is devastated by the news.
“My brother was so caring. My inspiration, an inspiration to others, funny, very bright. He had big dreams,” he said.
The family grieves for Obumseli, who lived at the One Paraiso condominiums with his girlfriend, Courtney Clenney.
“I do believe that she is the killer, and she does need to be arrested,” said his brother.
Police believe Clenney, an Instagram model, was involved in a physical altercation with her boyfriend, who was stabbed.
No arrests have been made, although police said they are still investigating the crime with the help of the offices of the state attorney and medical examiner.
“We’re hurting right now, deeply,” said Karen Egbuna, Obumseli’s cousin.
Obumseli’s family had learned of his death by way of the medical examiner’s office.
When police had found him the night of the incident, he was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.
Clenney, who goes by Courtney Tailor on Instagram, has 2 million social media followers and is being represented by attorney Frank Prieto.
Prieto has since released a statement reading in part, “It was not criminal conduct; Courtney was defending herself, and the investigation will reveal exactly that.”
According to a report in The Miami Herald, police said that when responding officers arrived to the scene, they found bruises on Clenney’s body.
But the family member who spoke with 7News said Clenney should be detectives’ main focus.
“We have been in contact with friends of the couple who have indicated that Courtney has a very violent history,” said Egbuna. “We have no cause to believe that this was a case of self defense.”
Obumseli’s family said Friday they had met with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.
“We just want justice for my brother,” said Obumseli’s brother.
The State Attorney’s Office told 7News they will review the case after the investigation is wrapped up with the Miami Police Department.
According to The Miami Herald, Miami Police found bruises on Clenney’s body when they responded to the call the night of the incident.
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