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Technology has a massive influence on our world today. New smartphones, gadgets, and software seem to be released every single week. Each with newer and better features than the last. With so many new innovations, it can be difficult for normal people to keep track of. Luckily, with this new wave of technology, we are also receiving a new wave of media content. One such form of this new content takes shape in tech review podcasts.
Podcasts are one of the largest forms of new media, with hundreds of millions of listeners every single day. The podcasts take on many different shapes and forms, but some of our favorites are tech review podcasts.
These podcasts take the form of evaluating, analyzing, and reviewing new tech releases. Oftentimes these tech review podcasts are extremely helpful and informative when considering making a new purchase. So, without further adieu, here are our six favorite tech review podcasts.
The Clockwise podcast is a great option for any tech-savvy listeners on a shorter deadline.
Hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent, this podcast features two guest stars in each episode joining the host. During the show, listeners will get to hear as the hosts break down and discuss four different tech topics each show.
The show is great because it is released frequently, ensuring listeners can stay up to date on current news in the tech world.
Our only complaint about the show is that sometimes we wish it were longer. Because it is simply that good. Clockwise is an easy choice as one of our favorite tech review podcasts.
Hosted by Casey Liss, Marco Arment, and John Siracusa, this podcast is a great option for die-hard tech enthusiasts.
The show’s hosts are all developers and, as such, they provide detailed insight on all things tech. The show is carried by a combination of detailed insight and chemistry between the hosts.
The show is informative and intelligent but never loses its ability to have fun and keep things light. If you are interested in all things tech, from programming to development, then you need to check out the Accidental Tech podcast.
With no official website, the Rocket podcast can be located on Twitter, Apple podcasts, relay FM, and more.
The show features three female co-hosts: Brianna Wu, Simone de Rochefort, and Christina Warren. One of the first and most popular all-female tech podcasts, Rocket is great for anyone looking to really get into their geek mode.
The three hosts discuss everything from tech to comics and movies. The banter between the hosts is light and cheerful, and it is an enjoyable listen every episode. Rocket is easily one of our favorite tech review podcasts.
The next entry on our list of favorite tech review podcasts is best for those who don’t have time to listen to a podcast.
Tech Talker episodes generally last under 10 minutes and provide helpful information on the technological world. These shows usually take the form of quick tips and guidance for listeners on subjects such as cybersecurity and more.
While not the most entertaining podcast on the list, this show provides listeners with quick and informative information. The unique and insightful layout of the show makes it a great listen for anyone on the move.
The Note to Self podcast focuses on examining technology from the human aspect of things.
It examines more closely the moral and ethical implications of our rapid advancement with technology. The show is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi and episodes usually last between 20-30 minutes.
The podcast focuses on helping you to maneuver in the now digital world, and how to maintain our humanity despite technological innovations. The deep discussion on this show makes it an easy choice as one of our top tech review podcasts.
Last but not least is The Big Web Show, hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman. With episodes often running over an hour in length, this is a great show for long commutes.
During each show, Zeldman invites an expert from various fields on the web to share their stories. The show achieves a great balance of intellectual discussion, advice, and anecdotes.
The host, Jeffrey Zeldman, does an outstanding job of interviewing each guest and keeping each show fun and informative. Each guest brings a unique perspective and set of experiences that keep the show engaging and informative throughout. The Big Web Show is a fantastic option for any die-hard tech fans who want to learn more about the web.

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