Latest skin rejuvenation technology available in the Roanoke Valley – WSLS 10

The latest technology is hitting the Roanoke Valley to help those who are looking to help reduce scar tissue.
It’s a laser treatment called “PIQo4.”
The laser helps reduce scar tissue or remove old tattoos.
“I think it’s a big help to society, to be honest, you got a lot of self-conscious people who may be upset about scarring or having old tattoos and everything, “James Rogers, with Imagine Ink Studios said.
The laser tech specialist said this can help people who may not feel as confident when trying to get rid of frown lines or an old tattoo.
“And after seeing them come in here after the first couple of sessions, their faces lit up and are happy, and get the treatment knocked out,” Rogers said.
The treatment is available at Imagine Ink Studios and for more information check out PiQo4: Picosecond Laser Machine for Pigmentation Removal | Lumenis.
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