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According to the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition’s (UNSCN) June 2020 report, Nutrition in a Digital World, “digital technologies are important tools that can help to transform food systems and assist in the design and delivery of food and nutrition measures.”  The report covers a wide array of digital technologies and their applications, including mobile phone technology to improve the nutrition of children and adults in low-income countries; artificial intelligence to develop healthy and sustainable food systems; and interactive eLearning to boost the nutrition knowledge and counselling skills of front-line nutrition workers in India.
The authors of this report, however, cautioned that the potential of digital technology “to accelerate food-system transformation for sustainable healthy diets has not yet been sufficiently investigated, let alone understood.”  They believe, “additional information gathering and sharing and further exploratory research are urgently needed to tap into this potential.”
ASN Journals have responded to this need for more research, publishing original research studies and reviews to help us better understand how the latest sophisticated digital technology may be harnessed to solve the world’s most pressing nutritional challenges.  Below is a sampling of articles recently published in ASN Journals demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital technology to improve human nutrition.
Pro-biomics: Omics Technologies to Unravel the Role of Probiotics in Health and Disease, Advances in Nutrition, February 2021
Gut Microbiota–Informed Precision Nutrition in the Generally Healthy Individual: Are We There Yet? Current Developments in Nutrition, August 2021
A Machine Learning Approach to Predict the Added-Sugar Content of Packaged Foods, The Journal of Nutrition, September 2021
Emergence of the Obesity Epidemic: 6-Decade Visualization with Humanoid Avatars, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, January 2022
If you are conducting research at the intersection of digital technology and nutrition, please consider submitting your research findings to an ASN Journal.  There’s no better way to quickly and seamlessly bring your important research findings to the attention of the world than publishing in an ASN Journal.
Eric Graber is a freelance copy writer and marketing consultant, working primarily for publishers and professional associations in science and medicine.  He has a BA in Spanish Literature from Columbia University and an MBA in marketing from NYU Stern School of Business.
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