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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic upended businesses worldwide and compelled organisations to pivot to digital solutions overnight. The accelerated digitalization
proved to be a lifeline for countless businesses trying to survive in a pandemic-afflicted world. They squeezed years’ worth of digital transformation into months to function remotely and serve their evolving client and customer base. At a time like this, several industries encumbered by heavy paperwork like HR, Finance and Manufacturing were compelled to embrace creative digital solutions to ensure business continuity and survival.
With accelerated digital adoption, businesses looked at technology as a means to reach out and engage with customers. It shifted the customer behaviour as businesses continued to function remotely, eliminating the expenses of offline business setup. At the same time, forward-moving businesses adopted web and e-commerce channels to operate with limited contact and in a simplified and efficient way.
As consumer behaviour, media consumption and business processes continued to evolve,new-age technology and development company Getafix Technologies lent a helping hand to several business ventures to build and rebuild web, mobile apps and software products.Incepted in 2017, the tech-enabled startup honours the philosophy of usability and security.The Bangalore-based startup has actively built mobile and web applications for diverse clients spanning FinTech, Retail, Banking & Finance, Logistics and e-Commerce industries.
Business Model 
Being a futuristic tech company, Getafix Technologies harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, NLP, chatbot, voice command and even immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to build innovative and efficient solutions for customers embarking on digital transformation. From developing a mobile application to building customised solutions, the company translates business ideas into marketable products. With end-to-end technology development solutions, the startup brings in its team right from ideation and design to testing and release, thereby delivering a bug-free, secure and robust platform.
Latest Developments
A comprehensive technology development company, Getafix Technologies has built a strong team of UX-UI designers, Salesforce, Python, Java & Angular developers, product managers and tech experts to build products boosted with new technology and abreast with the market trends. As the HR industry automates at breakneck speed, Getafix Technologies has recently designed, developed and launched its flagship AI-powered HRMS software. The fully automated HR recruitment system expedites the hiring process from sourcing and screening to background verification and offers generation, cutting down the time-to-hire by 10-15 days.
Considering the heavy dependence of industries like HR, finance and manufacturing on manual data entry and document digitisation process, Getafix Technologies has also
unveiled an AI-enabled data extractor and data mapping solution, Scanroid, that automates the manual data entry process. The newly launched document digitisation solution automates the error-prone and time-consuming data entry process and brings down manual document processing costs by 35% and reduces errors by 52%. Scanroid can parse documents in over 200 languages and scan, read and categorise them automatically to
ensure data validation and accuracy.
Looking Ahead
The brainchild of technopreneur Asif Bhat, Getafix Technologies has some bright and high hopes on the horizon. The tech-enabled company plans to expand its business development and tech team in response to the growing customer demands. As more and more businesses go digital, security and data threats abound and Getafix Technologies aim to deliver secure and innovative solutions that facilitate digitalisation. Integrating business with technology can help organisations exceed customer expectations and leap ahead of their competition.
There is no denying that the post-pandemic world is digital. In this digital-first age, Getafix Technologies is helping businesses kickstart their digital transformation journey with innovative, efficient and secure digital solutions.
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