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Welcome to the new NSF website. We’re completely revamping our site and we’re doing it in the open so you can check on our progress. Learn more about the project
For more than seven decades, the U.S. National Science Foundation has been at the forefront of the research, innovation and education that has transformed American lives, powered the economy, and elevated the nation’s competitiveness on the global stage. NSF investments have given the world Doppler radar, bar codes, the modern internet, web browsers, magnetic resonance imaging, laser eye surgery, DNA analysis and synthetic biology.
But imagine what would be possible if we could speed the development and deployment of the next generation of these technological marvels with an eye toward addressing the foremost challenges that society and the economy face today.
Enter “TIP,” Technology, Innovation and Partnerships — a new NSF directorate that creates breakthrough technologies; meets societal and economic needs; leads to new, high-wage jobs; and empowers all Americans to participate in the U.S. research and innovation enterprise. TIP is a unique opportunity that engages the nation’s diverse talent in strengthening and scaling the use-inspired and translational research that will drive tomorrow’s technologies and solutions.
NSF has advanced the full spectrum of fundamental research and education in all fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, for more than 70 years — from foundational, curiosity-driven research that has led to new knowledge about our world, to use-inspired, solution-oriented research that has directly impacted people’s everyday lives. At every stage, investments across this spectrum have been deeply intertwined.
NSF’s TIP Directorate doubles down on the agency’s commitment to support use-inspired research and the translation of research results to the market and society. In doing so, the new directorate strengthens the intense interplay between foundational and use-inspired work, enhancing the full cycle of discovery and innovation.
Credit: National Science Foundation
The Directorate for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships, TIP, harnesses the nation’s vast and diverse talent pool to advance critical and emerging technologies, address pressing societal and economic challenges, and accelerate the translation of research results from lab to market and society. TIP improves U.S. competitiveness, growing the U.S. economy and training a diverse workforce for future, high-wage jobs.
The nation faces unprecedented societal and economic challenges, from climate change to equity to critical infrastructure, affecting every corner of the country. And for too long, we have left behind the vast talent base that exists in our nation in addressing these challenges.
NSF’s TIP Directorate is seizing a generational opportunity to focus on these pivotal challenges, enhancing the fundamental research that powers future technologies and solutions. And by tapping into the full breadth of the nation’s demography and geography, TIP shapes the nation’s competitiveness as well as infuses diverse thinking and expertise into the development of new technologies and solutions — ensuring U.S. leadership and security for decades to come.
TIP is a crosscutting platform that collaboratively integrates with NSF’s existing directorates and fosters partnerships — with government, industry, nonprofits, civil society and communities of practice — to leverage, energize and rapidly bring to society use-inspired research and innovation.
TIP spurs NSF and the science, engineering and technology community forward to new innovations and impacts. TIP meets the nation’s priorities by providing researchers and innovators with education, tools and funding to accelerate the development of breakthrough technologies and speed solutions forward.
TIP comprises three primary focus areas — fostering innovation and technology ecosystems, establishing translation pathways, and partnering across sectors to engage the nation’s diverse talent. The directorate works closely with the entire agency to leverage ongoing research investments to drive research and innovation across all science and engineering fields, leading more rapidly to societal and economic benefits.
Credit: National Science Foundation
Fostering Innovation and Technology Ecosystems
Accelerates breakthroughs in key technology areas to grow long-term U.S. competitiveness, leading to game-changing technologies and solutions that address societal and economic challenges and pave the way for new, high-wage jobs.
Learn about TIP programs aligned to this focus.
Credit: National Science Foundation
Establishing Translation Pathways
Accelerates the translation of research results to practice. Programs aligned to this focus provide pathways for researchers, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to move their ideas from the laboratory to the market and society. 
Learn about TIP programs aligned to this focus.
Credit: National Science Foundation
Partnering to Engage the Nation’s Diverse Talent
Ignites partnerships among academia, industry, government, nonprofits, civil society and communities of practice to blend expertise and resources, advancing research, innovation and education.
Learn about TIP partnerships engagement.
Credit: National Science Foundation
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