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There are so many discoveries and breakthroughs now, and I’m excited to see how they will help revolutionize business and society in 2022. One of the most significant breakthroughs for me was when online poker went mainstream. It changed my life, which is what technology does. It changes lives and makes them easier and better – well, in my humble opinion, anyway.
The current technological trends have been motivated by advances in hardware and software development, data analysis demands, security considerations, medical emergencies, sustainability, privacy concerns, connection, and communication.
Technology has the ability to alter and reimagine how we do business in an increasingly connected world. As we look ahead and prepare for the future, we’re hopeful that the latest technological advancements can help us handle some of our most pressing business concerns — and create a more egalitarian and resilient society. Based on industry observations and conversations with experts, here are the top five tech trends we anticipate will shape the year ahead.
We will also enhance our efficiency in performing them and continue to liberate ourselves from jobs that can be automated so that we can focus solely on those for which we can deliver a distinct value. Furthermore, hyper-automation will aid in improving decision-making without sacrificing quality, geometrically increasing speed, and lowering operating expenses by up to 30%.

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