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Apr 02, 2022
If you’re operating a self-storage facility without quality management software, you’re doing your business a disservice. Today’s programs do so much more than just check tenants in and out of units. They’re enriched with features that’ll enhance your operation and marketing efforts, offer insight on customer and property trends, and provide you with more control of facility performance.
In this showcase, eight industry software vendors discuss the essential and advanced functions of their products, plus what’s new. Moreover, they offer guidance on how to choose the best program for your business. We’ve presented them here in alphabetical order.
Domico Software LLC
Products: DomicoCloud (cloud-based)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new: An improved facility sitemap that’s interactive, single-page facility summary report, integration with The Storage Group’s Clickandstor Rental Suite
Upcoming: A new, modernized user interface
Advice for choosing software: Align yourself with a partner who’ll grow with you. Some points to consider for down the line are training and technical support, plus adding on features, more units or new sites.
QuikStor Security & Software
Products: QuikStor Cloud (cloud-based)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new:
Upcoming: New initiatives geared toward the multi-site operator
Advice for choosing software: Since you’ll be using your software daily to manage every detail of your business, from great to small, it’s important to choose one you find easy to navigate and with which you are comfortable working. Once you’ve decided, then you can select access control, a website, etc., that integrates with your product of choice.
Sentinel Systems Corp.
Products: Sentinel Anywhere (cloud/desktop hybrid)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new:
Upcoming: Multi-site reporting and dashboard controls that allow for real-time monitoring vital site information
Advice for choosing software: Look for proven applications with the flexibility to work from home as well as in the office. The product should include the features needed at a reasonable price, and support should be available when required. If you’re using access-control software, look for a seamless integration with the management software.
Storage Commander
Products: Storage Commander Online (cloud-based), Storage Commander Cloud (cloud/desktop hybrid)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new: Contactless payment options using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
Upcoming: An expansion of the existing work-order capabilities for operators with multiple locations, integration with more Internet of Things solutions to offer autonomous-operation options
Advice for choosing software: Every management-software platform should have a demo you can test, so take advantage of that and run through different scenarios (payments, rentals, etc.) to see which works best for you. You don’t want to find the things that bother you after you’ve already made the purchase.
Syrasoft Self Storage Software
Products: Syrasoft Connect (cloud-based), Syrasoft V9 (desktop)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new: Tenant-facing features with an emphasis on contactless and online rentals, reservations and payments
Upcoming: Browser-based Syrasoft Version 11
Advice for choosing software: Read the terms and conditions to understand how your data will be used and whether you can easily export it if you switch vendors. Also, how is technical support? When you need help, especially in the beginning, having help that’s readily available is imperative.
Tenant Inc.
Products: Hummingbird (cloud-based)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new:
Advice for choosing software: We encourage operators to make a choice where they have ultimate flexibility to do business in an ever-changing e-commerce climate. Choose the software that’ll meet the customer in whatever form they want to do business.
Products: WebSelfStorage Business Platform (cloud-based)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new: A marketing module, two-way texting, integration with affiliated websites and unbranded payment portals
Upcoming: Online auction integration and a network-wide cautionary alert system to identify “trouble” customers
Advice for choosing software: Take time to learn how different features can benefit your business. Sometimes services that seem straightforward can have a profound impact on your day-to-day operation in the long run. Small tasks that can be made easier by the right software add up and will lighten the load on you, your employees and even your customers.
Yardi Systems Inc.
Products: Breeze Premier (cloud-based)
Essential features and functions:
What’s new:
Upcoming: Breeze Premier will soon be available as a module within Yardi Voyager, with third-party vendor integration for enterprise-level accounts. RentCafe Chat IQ, an AI-driven chat function, will be able to be embedded in the marketing website, providing up-to-date information about the property including availability, pricing, amenities, etc.
Advice for choosing software: Look for all-in-one software solutions that include natively integrated functionality that addresses all your business needs to reduce costs and ensure data quality. Partner with software providers that have long-term financial stability and ownership, and can provide robust initial and ongoing customer support. Look for a track record of ground-up software development and innovation, so you can continually upgrade over time and add advanced capabilities as your business grows.
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