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Feb 22
The majority of traders lose money.
It takes a high level of emotional discipline to execute a strategy over and over like a robot. Inexperienced traders FOMO into rallies then panic sell — the classic recipe for buying high and selling low.
That’s why buying and holding crypto — known as HODLing — has proven to be significantly more profitable for the vast majority of investors.
In recent years, fintechs like Crypto.com, BlockFi, Celsius and Nexo have made this proposition even more lucrative by paying you a regular interest on the crypto you hold on their platforms.
These services are known as crypto interest accounts.
On Crypto.com, it’s called Crypto Earn.
You can park your BTC in your Crypto.com Earn wallet to earn even more BTC at an annual rate between 2% to 8.5%.
Sign up to Crypto.com here (referral code ‘col’) and get $25 worth of free CRO when you apply for a Ruby Steel card or above. Get up to 8% cashback on daily shopping + free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, airport lounge access and more! More details here.
In this article, I’m going to:
Let’s dig in!
People joke that the Singapore-based fintech must have the deepest marketing budget out there.
There’s that ad starring Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award-winner Wally Pfister, not to mention the increasing portfolio of naming deals. LA Lakers Staples Center? Nah, it’s Crypto.com Arena now.
Marketing aside, Crypto.com has evolved into one of the most reputable and trustworthy cryptocurrency companies in the industry, boasting an ecosystem that now rivals Binance in breadth. These folks never stop moving.
Whether it’s buying, saving and lending crypto, to metaverse, NFTs and derivatives trading, Crypto.com has you covered.
Whereas other established fintechs like BlockFi, Celsius and Nexo primarily focus on crypto interest accounts, Crypto.com’s mammoth ecosystem might just make it an ideal one-stop shop for investors.
But are Crypto.com’s interest accounts competitive? What are the reward rates for saving on Crypto.com? And what does any of this have to do with CRO and their famous Metal VISA credit cards?!
Let’s start off with bitcoin (BTC).
Unlike BlockFi, which gives you a straight annual return rate for BTC (tiered by how much BTC you have on their platform), Crypto.com’s reward rate vary depending on:
You can use their calculator here to play around and work out your returns.
The ‘CRO Stake’ bit is a point of confusion for some.
Is that 4,000 CRO tokens or $4,000 worth of CRO? Answer: It’s the latter.
What if I stake $4k and the price goes down? Answer: That’s okay. The snapshot is taken at the time of staking.
What about if I stake between $400 and $4,000 worth? Confusing right. Answer: “400 or less” really means “less than 4,000” here. [What?!]
The lightbulb moment comes when you realise the CRO stake requirements actually correspond to the CRO staking requirements for Crypto.com’s famous Metal VISA cards. For example, to get a Jade Green card, you need to stake $4,000 worth of CRO.
Ah ha!
Instead of thinking about needing to stake ‘$400 or less’ vs $4,000 vs ‘$40,000 or more’ worth of CRO, you should really think of it as the higher the Metal VISA card you’re eligible for, the higher the reward rate you’ll also get for Crypto.com Earn.
Staking enough CRO for a Jade Green or Royal Indigo card? You’re now earning a bonus interest rate on all your crypto sitting in your Earn Wallet across the board. Up to 6.5% on BTC & ETH, and 12% on USDC stablecoin!
(Of course, enjoy your 3% cashback on daily shopping, plus free Spotify, Netflix and airport lounge access!)
Staking enough CRO for a Frosted Rose Gold or Icy White card? You’re looking at up to 8.5% on BTC & ETH, and a whopping 14% on USDC.
(Plus…I’m sure you’re enjoying those 5% cashbacks, free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Expedia bookings, lounge access, etc. on your VISA card!)
In summary:
Sign up to Crypto.com here (referral code ‘col’) and get $25 worth of CRO for free when you apply for a Ruby Steel card or above.
Let’s now check out the returns for other popular cryptocurrencies, starting with Ethereum.
Returns vary between 3.5% to 8.5%.
Staking enough CRO ($4,000) to quality for a Royal Indigo / Jade Green card? Earn up to 6.5% interest.
Staking enough CRO ($40,000) to quality for a Frosted Rose Gold or Icy White card? Enjoy that 8.5% interest on your ETH.
Here’s a nice plot showing the difference that range makes over time due to the power of compound interest.
The best reward rates are for stablecoins — up to 14% for those who stake enough CRO ($40,000 worth) to quality for the Frosted Rose Gold or Icy White card.
Here’s the interest rate matrix for USDC stablecoin:
Saving stablecoins is quite popular for traditional investors who prefer the stability of fiat, yet yearn for a return that’s way better than saving their hard-earned money in traditional finance.
This is an order of magnitude better than the 0.05–1% returns you get parking your USD in a bank account or term deposit. In fact, this is even better than the average stock market returns of 9–11%.
Lots of food for thought.
So what’s my verdict on Crypto.com Earn and its broader ecosystem?
The fintech’s biggest asset is it’s a reliable one-stop shop for all things crypto related for the majority of investors.
As a result, the more Crypto.com products one uses, the more synergistic the combined benefits.
For instance, those who are taking advantage of a Jade Green / Royal Indigo VISA card will also gain some very nice reward rates for their crypto being saved on the App — up to 6.5% pa on BTC and ETH and 12% on USDC.
If you’re not eligible for any of their cards, you will still get a market-competitive rate provided you lock up for 3 months. [This isn’t a bad idea, especially if you have itchy fingers. Remember, most traders lose money!]
Personally, I treat Crypto.com as one of my passive income HODL bags. I buy BTC and ETH during corrections and immediately save them on Earn on a 3 month lock-up period. This is crypto I’m planning on HODLing for a long time. [In contrast, my short-term crypto bag lie elsewhere — in particular various trading platforms for swing trading.]
At the same time, I am always stacking more CRO to work my way up to the next level VISA debit card — which will also help level up my Earn reward rate! Brilliant.
Sign up to Crypto.com here (referral code ‘col’) and get $25 worth of free CRO when you apply for a Ruby Steel card or above. Get up to 8% cashback on daily shopping + free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, airport lounge access and more! More details here.
Some of you might be thinking — what about custodial risks?
Indeed, many will bulk at the thought of letting a centralised company — whether that’s Crypto.com, BlockFi, Celsius or Nexo — manage their precious crypto.
This is why it’s important to choose trustworthy companies as a basic prerequisite, before balancing the benefits (regular interest on your crypto) versus the risks (no self-custody of your crypto).
That’s a decision you will have to make.
If you’re quite keen to earn interest on your long-term crypto, an idea is to spread it across several reputable platforms. Personally, I use all of the aforementioned companies (and more) in order to lower my platform-diversification risk.
I hope you found this article useful.
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Thanks for reading!
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