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Microsoft Bing now has new car and automobile search features to let you find your next car, the company announced on its blog. You can search for used cars on Bing and then Bing will provide a search box that you can filter to find the car you are looking for.
What it looks like. Here are some screenshots of the search box in Microsoft Bing for searches on Kia K5 and SUV for sale:
Also, there are links to the MSN Autos marketplace in the knowledge panels for these car-related searches under “learn more” and “shop used cars” right above the car specifications.
Local. You can also browse local car inventory on Bing Local and Bing Maps. Microsoft said you “can now quickly and easily find vehicles for sale on’s new Local Auto Dealership Storefront or using the browse-by-map feature.”
List your car. Microsoft allows you to list your car on MSN autos over here, where you fill out a listing form that will post your vehicle ready for sale. “In just a few simple steps, sellers enter the basics about the car for sale, upload photos, add a detailed description and finish the listing with any extra info that might make the car appealing to buyers. Your car is now for sale,” Microsoft said.
Why we care. Buying a car these days, in this market, is incredibly hard — there is very little inventory, what is available is very expensive and hard to get your hands on. Maybe this will make it easier for you to find the car you are looking for and also make it easier to sell your used cars faster.
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